wishlist 2014 

so a new year, a new wishlist yay. it shouldn’t be awkward since i do this every year but i guess since it’s my 21st and there are more people looking at this. 

  • philosophy pure grace fragrance from sephora (x)
  • black daisy havaianas (size 37/78) (x)
  • bright red cardigan
  • iphone 5 case
  • new wallet
  • new clutch (something like this)
  • laptop case (13”)
  • this jumper (uk6)
  • this pair of shorts (uk6)
  • nocturnes by kazuo ishiguro 
  • the bell jar by sylvia plath

if all the options are out or you don’t know what to do…

  • exo the lost planet world tour in singapore fund

in the event that exo breaks up before they ever get here … (yeah i’m not ruling it out) it will be used for my taiwan fun fund. yay.

update: they will be in SG on 23rd august!!

ok peace out -awkwardly slinks away-


wishlist 2013

- havaianas size 37-38 slim brown, slim graphic 1, 2, any colour with the gold logo e.g.

- KARA’s K5J

- fallout boy’s save rock and roll album

- tribal print maxi dresses or other nice stuff

yeah and that’s about all i want actually. unless anyone can afford to buy me a longchamp bag or an i5. donors to my luxury fund wanted.

As usual, leave an anonymous ask or tell me what you’re getting so i can strike it off ;) Yeah it’s kinda early this year but I assume when I get to Korea I won’t have time

wishlist 2012

because someone asked.

BIG BANG official VIP lightstick I REALLY REALLY WANT THIS  thanks :)

ombre print leggings

ALDO hobo bag (pastel) 

Oasis triple compartment bag 

havaianas slim navy blue size 37-38 

dip dye lace skirt (size 6) 

asos gift vouchers

- h&m gift card

- iphone covers: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)

hair straightener

- Jeanette Winterson’s Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?

- ramekins

- 6 cup muffin pan

- food processor

- baking pans

don’ts: stuffed toys, kpop stuff (because I have tons, unless its the BB lightstick!), weird food that has stuff I’m allergic to!

and yes I realise that there is a very high chance that people will get the same thing because it happened every year haha! so you can leave an anonymous message in my ask and I’ll remove the item from my wishlist.

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